"The care, engagement and focus Ellie put into this role was exceptional. Ellie organised multiple meetings with my wife and I and even spoke to our parents and closest friends ahead of the event to gain views and stories from all angles of our lives.  She brought all this information together to deliver an emotional, loving, inspiring and thoughtful speech and ceremony. 

The love and care that Ellie brought to her role was heart-warming, and she will always hold an extra special place in our lives and memories for this."


a bit about THE CEREMONY. 

Kat and Andy had planned to tie their knot in the Blue Mountains. You might have guessed from the distant Sydney skyline: that's not where we ended up.

A week before the day, bushfires threatened the area where the venue stood (a precious property that Andy's grandfather had built). 

These two took a deep breath together, morphing into wedding-warriors, and moved their reception dinner to an old stables building not far from the new Harbour-side ceremony location. T R I U M P H.

<------- In love on a rock.

This was my first ceremony. Now, a couple of years on, I think of it as the one where I fell in love with helping people share their stories.  

The initial struggle for Andy and Kat was part of the beauty of a day that definitely didn't go as planned, but really was perfect. These two fiercely capable people created a day that was not just picture-perfect, but filled with authenticity.